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City toughens up on property advertising to curb clutter
In an effort to curb the clutter of illegal estate agent's signage across the Cape Metropole, the City of Cape Town has been forced to introduce stricter control measures which includes a new sticker system and heavier fines.

City and ABSA host Property Developers Workshop
The City of Cape Town, in partnership with Absa, hosted some 250 property developers from across the metropolitan area at a half-day workshop held in the Council Chamber of the Civic Centre on Friday, 1 June 2007. Under discussion was a balance between demands for development and economic growth on the one hand, and the need to protect Cape Town's unique natural beauty on the other hand.

City Embarks on Supplementary Valuation of Properties
The City of Cape Town has initiated the process of a supplementary valuation in respect of specific rateable properties. This is the first supplementary valuation conducted in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act (Act No. 4 of 2004).

City extends deadline for Objections to all Valuations
The City of Cape Town has decided to extend the deadline for objections to all property valuations until 30 April 2007.

Cape Town's Property Boom boosts Valuations
Cape Town's property boom has resulted in an average tripling in property prices since the last municipal valuation in 2000. This does not, however mean that property rates will increase by the same factor. The higher values are reflected in the latest municipal valuation roll that is now open for inspection at various City of Cape Town offices.

Tips for Finding a House on the Internet
Online tools are a great value for any homebuyer and it is easy to become overwhelmed with information overload. Read about a method to help deal with online property searches.

Simple Steps On How To Sell Your Own House
If you decide today to sell your home that does not mean that at this point it is ready to go on the market. If you know that you will be selling your home, then it is time to start thinking about what you need to do to make sure that your home is ready to go.

5 Ways To Advertise Your Real Estate Business
With the introduction of new products and the growth of the purchasing power of the people continually escalates, it can be said that the advertising industry became fully energized. That's why even with the dawn of the new technology, advertising still continues to dominate the business world. As most business people asserts, business can never succeed without advertising.

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