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Horsepower versus donkey power

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Horsepower versus donkey power

by Esther Lewis
26 Sep 2007
The Peoples Post
The Peoples Post

There's no better way to rejuvenate from a hectic deadline quite like driving R360000 up the West Coast. General Motors and Chevrolet showed a few women what their new Captiva was all about last week.

At first, I was quite surprised that they would entrust a complete stranger with their shiny, fast and new SUV.

Especially someone who learned how to drive in Johannesburg.

But now that I've driven that baby, I'm looking to hook up with a rich geriatric so he can buy me one.

Now for the average Jill, the hefty price tag may be a bit off putting, but I know people can get quite creative when it comes to getting the money to splash on the unnecessary.

For example, three families could sell their low cost houses and easily afford to buy one. It may be a tight squeeze, but I'm sure everyone could sleep in the car.

And if your mother-in-law irritates you - as I'm sure she would if she were there living in the car with you - you could always tie her up and stick her in the boot. Forget suitcases, there's enough space to stick two bodies in there.

Another use for all that space is for transporting people to family functions, because there is always a grandmother, aunt, her son and his tarty little girlfriend and her Paris Hilton type mutt who needs a lift.

Then there's the sheer power and speed. Although it's big and bulky, it would make for the perfect getaway car.

When I try to overtake cars, it takes forever! It may look pretty, but my own car is actually powerless. Some people speak of having 500 horsepower engines. I have about 20 donkeys dragging me along.

Eventually, the person I'm trying to get past feels sorry for me and slows down quite a bit, just so I can get ahead.

But with this beauty it was different. It's the type of car, I've discovered, that even BMW drivers drive in the gravel pit inside the yellow line for when they spot you in their rear view mirrors. Now that in itself is a rare and rather special moment.

The only thing I don't like about the vehicle is the handbrake. I don't think it works too well.

After a fun night out with the women, they expected us to meet for breakfast at an ungodly hour - 07:00 to be exact.

This must be the reason why I forgot about that minor little detail... releasing the handbrake before taking off.

I would've imagined with all those gadgets and hundreds of buttons, there would be an automatic handbrake-release-thinger built in. Apparently not.

I jerked down the road for a few metres before realising no matter what they cost, or their physical condition, every car has one thing in common: They're best driven with the handbrake down.

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