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Shameful beings around us

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Shameful beings around us

by Esther Lewis
03 Oct 2007
The Peoples Post
The Peoples Post

I have always been a bit cynical, but lately I've eased up and started believing in the human race again. Man, was I wrong!

As I was listening to the horrific stories of parents abandoning their children, I revisited the same theory I've always had: Some people just shouldn't reproduce.

Now, it's no secret that I'm not really into children. I find them way too emotionally needy and dependent. And I don't have the patience to answer all of their "but why?" questions.

In my mind, they need to discover the answers to those "why" questions the same way I did: I was always out and about exploring my surroundings, reading books and investigating things for myself.

Granted, my own investigations were not always conclusive or accurate, but at least it was fun and stimulating.

I don't find babies particularly cute either. I have difficulty telling them all apart. They're all pink and squishy and cry quite a bit.

Needless to say, motherhood is something I do not foresee in my future.

That said, not even I would leave a child at Cape Town Station, as was the case with a six-year-old boy.

What goes through a mother's mind when they dump their children in dirt bins or icy fields?

No one deserves to be thrown away by their parents, not even the little brat who does not stop crying because she can't get what she wants. Not the Smart Alec who has an answer for everything when the parent tries to chastise him. Not the ill-disciplined child who causes chaos wherever he goes. And especially not the innocent toddler who has done nothing but love their parent unconditionally from day one, despite who they are.

Because children are (mostly) pure creatures, I don't think everyone should be allowed to have them.

It may seem draconian of me, but if you are not capable of loving and caring for that human life, you should rather invest in a cat.

I wonder if these donors of eggs and sperm - you can't really call them parents - think of the consequences their actions have.

A child never asks to be born, yet they are the ones who are most vulnerable to damage. From what I heard from people who work with these children, it's the kind of damage that could follow them around forever.

Just think about how you would feel, knowing your mother or father didn't want you. Now try and imagine what the little child - who can't even begin to understand the concept of abandonment - must be going through.

I can only commend the people who work with them daily; those who dedicate themselves to healing these damaged beings.

To those who throw their children away: Shame on you.

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