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Off the Cuff: following dreams

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Off the Cuff: following dreams

by Shahista Rohan-Toefy
04 Jun 2008
Peoples Post
Peoples Post

WHAT can be more satisfying than following your dreams and then having those dreams realised?

The dream for something better is a desire that comes naturally and therefore is a human survival instinct.

This dream generally manifests itself through desiring material things like a better car, a better house, a bigger TV and even a better range of clothing.

It can also apply to wanting a better job and having the best possible family and social life - sometimes, harsh decisions have to be taken when deciding on your family or social life.

More often than not we don't have a choice as to who our family members are.

We have to accept them for who they are and, even if we don't like them, we have to create some kind of environment where we can co-exist.

However, when it comes to those we socialise with, we can make a choice. Often we are either blinded by the relationships that we have or we don't question how they fit in with our goals and aspirations.

One of the things I hold dear is creating a balance in life. This balance involves ensuring that I have equality in each and every relationship.

I find that it doesn't hurt every now and again to write down a list of all the people I consider to be friends, and to place a numerical value on what I put into a relationship versus what is given back to me.

The list will then show which relationships are of equal value and which are lop-sided. If the lop-sided ones - where I give more to the relationship than is given back to me - cannot be fixed, then it's only natural to end them.

It's pointless to hold on to those relationships if they are going to be a hindrance in pursuing a dream - we are left feeling used and disappointed by them.

Anyone who is not there for your best interests does not deserve to be there at all.

One of the most important places of dream realisation is the work place.

Job satisfaction and being content in the work place - whatever that job may be - is a huge part of realising ultimate happiness.

For me, what is terribly important in the pursuit of dreams, is to ensure that my dreams are realistic, that they are attainable, and that I make use of the opportunities that present themselves to make the dream a reality.

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