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Life imitates B-grade art

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Life imitates B-grade art

by Esther Lewis
31 Jan 2008
The Peoples Post
The Peoples Post

FANCY yourself an organ donor? After what I just read, its not for me! I always thought waking up in a dodgy motel, in a bath filled with ice and a precision cut on your side indicating that your kidney had just been removed only happened on those low budget, B-grade movies.

My kidneys may not be of the good quality they used to be at age 13, but hey, they're mine and I like having them both.

Apparently a few Indian doctors were bust for buying kidneys from the poor, and selling them to the rich.

I understand how desperation can drive one to do crazy things, but selling off your body parts' Talk about a pound of flesh.

I know in certain countries you would get paid for some of your bodily commodities, but it's generally the kind of thing that can be replenished.

Next the poor are going to start selling off patches of their skin, or perhaps even their digits for re-attachment to other host bodies.

And what did these poor folk get for their trouble? Well in India, you can make anything between R9 096.10 and R18 192.20. And shame on those rich recipients who think money can buy them anything they want - even if it is at the detriment of others.

If you are of the right breed, have the right friends and, of course, have the right amount of money, you could probably get away with murder - or organ smuggling, it would seem.

The doctors involved probably thought they were doing something noble. After all, they would be saving valuable lives.

It seems that is the one thing we have in common the world over: attaching monetary value to lives.

Should the president be shot down, along with a homeless person, who do you think will get the only available ride to the hospital?

How many stories have we heard of ordinary people who were murdered and their cases went cold before their bodies?

This phenomenon may go a long way in explaining why life is so cheap, and easily taken, in this country.

Of course, if you were never valued, you will not know what it is to value what belongs to others - including their lives.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we stop looking down on "lesser" people.

I'm not saying you have to invite them to move into your home, but recognise that their lives are as valuable as yours.

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