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George Harold Herman

George Harold HermanAs friend and colleague, Basil de Vries said, "No tribute to George Herman would be complete without mention of his prodigious memory." At this point I would like to say that the memories of George Harold Herman have really made a huge impact on the memories of Athlone. We came upon these wonderful, vivid accounts of Athlone by emails sent to us from his son, George Peter Herman. While George Harold Herman lay ill with his son by his side, he relayed priceless memories of his childhood and early adulthood, all the wonderful stories one could easily read about in storybooks today, he has generously opened his heart and mind and unselfishly gave an account of life in Athlone. He was born in District Six and moved to Athlone later. He tells wonderful stories of this colourful place. These are the stories told by a father to his son - A true Heritage. Read more...

Did you know?

The Two Ladies of Athlone, the cooling towers that formed part of the Athlone Power Station was commissioned in 1962. They were last used, at a reduced capacity in 2003. On 14 Feb 2010, the reinforcing bands on one of the towers collapsed and a decision was made to demolish them. They were demolished at 11:55 on 22nd August 2010.

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