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1 From District Six to Athlone Part I

Early childhood memories of the move from District Six to Athlone at the age of four years. Herman recalls the physical, socio-economic and political situation in District Six, as well as the catastrophic smallpox epidemic and bubonic plague.
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2 From District Six to Athlone Part II

In this article, Herman recalls his new surroundings in Athlone in the mid to late 1920's. He mentions, the state of the houses, the transport system at the time and the wildlife that existed in Athlone at that date.
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3 Music in the Athlone of old

The memories of Athlone from George Peter Herman. He recalls the growth of a so-called coloured community, the music and choirs and artists and performers of Athlone around the 1970's
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4 Employment during the Depression and the Group Areas Act

The memories of Athlone from George Peter Herman. He recalls the ways that people found employment in the Depression, the feelings aroused as a result of the infamous Group Areas Act and some popular District Six personalities.
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Did you Know

It has been proposed that the Athlone Civic Centre be renamed to the Coline Williams Centre. Coline Williams and Robert Waterwitch lost their lives during the struggle against Apartheid in 1989.

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