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When asked the question, "What is your Heritage?" You're more than likely respond with: "What do you mean?"

Is it what you have inherited from your ancestors? Is it the place where you were born and raised? Or is it how you grew up?

Today, many people take it for granted that their history is unimportant, and yet it is not. It is as important to oneself to know where you have come from as it is to know where you are going.

What is it in our hearts that causes us love listening to stories about an event that occured in history. Did it ever occur to you that your own neighbours may want to know the history of the area that they live in? In the future when your grandchildren are old enough to ask, will you be able to answer?

This section of the Athlone Website is devoted to the history and heritage of Athlone and its surrounding areas. Researchers and Volunteers alike are constantly building this section, and each item added is presented to a global audience.

If you'd like to share a memory with us about what you remember about Athlone, contact our Heritage Specialist.


Find out about the origins of Athlone and how it came to being what it is today. Read up all about the person who founded Athlone and also the establishment of the surrounding suburbs


A collection of memories and stories, built by volunteers, about Athlone and its surrounds. These articles come from residents, visitors, workers, businesses, historians and whoever has something to share.

Got something to share?

Share your memory with the world. Tell the Athlone Website about a memory or a heritage-related article that you'd like to see displayed on this website. With your help, we hope to grow this section continuously until all the world can appreciate the cultural diversity, heritage and uniqueness of Athlone and its surrounds.

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