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Health & Safety

Types of Abuse
An article from the Cape Gateway website that lists in different types of abuse and how they can occur. This was part of the 16 days of Activism against the abuse of Women and Children Campaign

Prevention of Diarrohea Amongst Toddlers
'The secret weapon against diarrohea is plenty of water', said Minister Uys during a visit to the Delft Community Health Centre. 'Parents of young children must wash their hands with soap and water a few times per day and if their children have diarrohea then (drinking) lots of water would be just the right medicine', said Uys.

What is Child Abuse?
This article speaks about the definition of child abuse and how to detect abuse of children by looking at physical and behavioural indicators. Details on how to report child abuse and some examples of crimes against children are also given.

Keep Safe While Driving at Night
Night driving is more difficult and dangerous than day driving because your depth perception, colour recognition and peripheral vision are compromised after sunset. Old people especially have difficulty with night driving. This article gives some tips on how to keep safe while driving at night.

Driving and Drowsiness
Driver tiredness causes more than 20% of motorway accidents and tiredness-related accidents are three times more likely to result in serious injury or death compared to other types of road accidents because when the driver falls asleep they do not brake or attempt to avoid the accident.

Speeding is regarded as a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal crashes. It's thus essential that drivers adhere to speed limits.

Road Rage
One way of ensuring your safety on the road is to make sure that you are not an aggressive driver. Aggressive driving can cause accidents and can also result in incidents of road rage.

Drunken Driving
Alcohol is a major factor in many accidents in South Africa, playing a part in about half of all motor vehicle-related deaths.

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