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Health & Safety

Cape Town wraps up child safety project
The Cape Town Metropolitan Police have concluded a social crime prevention project which targeted over 10 000 children across the province.

Allen Carr, CANSA to help smokers quit
The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has officially endorsed the Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking method, which can help smokers countrywide to give up smoking permanently.

TB control efforts progress slowly - WHO
Worldwide efforts to confront tuberculosis (TB) are making progress, but too slowly, according to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Cape Town teens educated on air quality
The Youth Environmental School in Cape Town is to help raise awareness surrounding the quality of the air in the city among high school pupils. The Air Quality Awareness Programme is a partnership initiative between the school and the City's Health, Air Quality, Radiation and Air Pollution Control unit.

Breast-feeding is still the best
The promotion of breast-feeding is one of global importance as thousands of infants are dying worldwide, succumbing to infection and malnutrition, due to not being breastfed, writes Siboniso Ntuli.

Premier Rasool Calls for a Safer Western Cape for Children
Premier Ebrahim Rasool says the Western Cape will only become a 'Home for All' once it is a safe place for children, especially those who are vulnerable and underprivileged. Speaking at the annual Carols at Leeuwenhof party for more than 700 disadvantaged children on Sunday 9 December, Rasool said: "We have said the Western Cape must become a Home for All, but it will not become a Home for All if our children are not safe. Our children should not have to fear adults and our children should be able to realise their full potential."

SA's clean tap water saves tourists cash
Unlike other countries where tourists are advised to buy bottled water, with South Africa's high quality of tap water, tourists need their holiday cash on bottled water, writes Luyanda Makapela.

City wants to stomp out ‘stompies’
The City of Cape Town is set to take tough action against people who throw lit cigarettes from their cars. The Fire Safety Amendment By-Law was recently approved by full Council and promulgated in the Provincial Gazette on 29 June 2007.

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Flying Squad10111
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Red Cross Hosp021-6585111
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