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The Athlone Website is dedicated to serving the community of Athlone and its surrounding areas. Visitors from the "four corners of the Globe" are already coming around to see what Athlone is all about. You can help build this website by sending us your 450-characters-or-less description of Athlone. Fill out the form below and submit it to us for editing and possible publication on this website.

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Colleen de Allende
Grew up in Athlone - things that made it special: The green playing field we called Nantes and the river that runs through it. Cutting oil drums through and rowing in the river all the way from Bridgetown to Parktown ... sad that it is so neglected. Picking Lilies with my grandmother in the river. The community spirit that existed between people Christians and Muslims alike. School sporting events that brought together the youth of Athlone and always took place at Athlone stadium and swimming baths. Minstrel processions that took to the streets through Bridgetown, Kewtown, Silvertown and surrounding areas. Leaving milk coupons under bottle for Milkie to collect, and the sound of his hooter. The church bells of Saint Georges Church in Breston Road. So much more - could honestly fill a book with happy memories of growing up in Bridgetown, Athlone.
Businessman, Cape Town
One thing we have always had in Abundance in Athlone is the willingness of people to help each other. Acting neighbourly was always instilled in us as kids. Hence we have so many "Aunties" and "Uncles" living down the road from us. I feel a strong sense of pride and I am keen to raise the economic profile of Athlone and it's business potential. Great Website, a great reminder of Home.
Boeta Maan, Rondebosch East
Several suburbs make up this mixed cauldron of humanity on the dusty Cape Flats. It is home to an eclectic mix of mainly mixed race people, mainly middle to lower class and largely unemployed. Athlone has given birth to the foulest gangsters, cretins and yes many academics. Athlone also has a rich legacy and history in the fight against oppression.
Jennine, Goodwood
Growing up in Athlone has given me endless amusement as I laugh & cried with all its colourful characters. Athlone taught me to be eternally grateful for what I am blessed to have. Athlone gave me the courage to raise above my circumstances and to grab the opportunities my parents were denied. Hence, as I strive to become even more successful, Athlone remains my base.
Boris Franciscus, Silvertown
Life began in Athlone. Ever since I can remember, I was always of the opinion that life began in Athlone. Wherever you might find yourself on this planet and you bump into someone recognisable be advised the person is most probably from Athlone. Growing up in Athlone and it's suburbs you do not need to go to school because growing up there alone is an education. There is a quality of person who was reared in Athlone that will never be equalled.
Margaux Bergman, Athlone
Athlone is located about ten to twelve minutes drive away from the Cape Town City Centre. Athlone also one of the oldest areas on the Cape Flats today as some of it's churches date back to the late 1800's. Also a dumping ground of people during the Group Areas Act of 1950. It is an area comprising of a rich cultural heritage that people are extremely proud of. A place of warmth and welcoming generosity.

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