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Vangate Mall

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Do you think Vangate Mall is a worthwhile investment?

Date Started: 2006-03-30
Date Concluded: 2006-04-26
This survey was about the recently built Vangate Mall. We asked you the question: Do you think Vangate Mall is a worthwhile investment?
You were given three options namely: 'Yes', 'No', and 'I dont care'.
The survey was closed on 26 April 2006 with 57 votes being recorded. The results were: Yes: 25 votes (44%); No: 20 votes (35%); and 'I dont care': 12 votes (21%).
The majority of those who took part in the survey agreed that Vangate Mall is a worthwhile investment.

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Comments Received about the Vangate Mall poll

What must I go there for?! It's easier for me to get to Kenilworth Centre... I've been there once and never again.
Rondebosch East Resident

I see that the bigger stores are making money but the small stores are empty.
Store Owner, Athlone

Vangate Mall looks great now that its new, but I hope there's a good maintenance plan to fall back on. I'd hate to see that there's nothing in place to fix broken tiles, leaking roofs, and blocked toilets when these things happen

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