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Targeted advertising via the Google Adwords Programme

This website displays Adverts retrieved from Google's targeted Adwords system. Being driven by an intelligent targetting mechanism, and coupled with a usable filtering system, it keeps the adverts that appear on this site closely matched to the content of the page that it appears on.
Signing up and placing an advert on the Athlone Website is easy, quick and you can control your daily budgets with confidence.

Simply click on the Google AdWords Button on the right, or use the link below and follow the instructions for setting up a new account. Once you're ready, you're welcome to create a site-targetted campaign for this website,


You are considered to be a locally based Athlone Business if:
the postal code of your physical address is '7764';
or you're located on the section of Kromboom Road between the M5 freeway and Belvedere Road;
or you're situated on the section of Klipfontein Road that lies between Golfcourse Road and the Rondebosch Common.

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